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Brand: Evolis

Please note this ribbon is only compatible with the Evolis Primacy 1 ID Card Printer.

Print a range of card types from ID cards, membership passes, access control, and driver's licenses to student or staff cards with the advanced Evolis Primacy 1 Panel YMCKO ribbon. The YMCKO ribbon can print 300 single-sided images to produce full-colour printed cards and consists of an overlay panel to protect your card from daily wear and tear effects.

Using our full-colour ribbon, you can apply high-quality photos, images, and icons onto your plastic cards for various card types to ensure they look professional and meet industry standards. This YMCKO is available in cassette packaging for quick and easy installation in a snap!

Printer Ribbon Features:

  • 5 YMCKO panels (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, and Overlay panel)
  • Prints 300 single-sided full-colour images
  • Genuine Evolis High Trust® ribbon
  • Compatible with Evolis Primacy 1
  • Suitable for single/double-sided printing
  • Produces first-class quality images & clear text
  • Suitable for use with Evolis lamination printer modules

Manufacturer Code: R5F008EAA

For high-volume plastic card printing, take a look at our Easy4Pro printer ribbon range. These ribbons are made with less plastic, ideal for organisations that want to reduce consumption and waste for a limited environmental impact.

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