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Doneright offers a comprehensive range of products and services including ID systems, card printers, ID software, biometric capture, readers, ID accessories, access control systems, and professional services. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and support to our clients, dealers, and integrators at competitive prices within the region.

Professional ID Card Printers

Our company offers a wide range of leading plastic card printing solutions, including popular brands such as ZEBRA, Entrust, Nisca, HID Fargo, Swift color & desktop Embossers, card engravers. As the most reliable ID card printing company in Zambia, we provide access to the latest printing machines for 2022, making us the go-to source for all plastic PVC ID card printing products in the region. At our company, we take pride in providing unbeatable selections of ID card printers and supplies from industry-leading companies. Our technical experts are readily available to offer quick and efficient services, even if your company is based outside Zambia.
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Full range of plastic card printing solutions

We take pride in offering our customers a comprehensive range of plastic card printing solutions, including Photo ID card Management, PVC card printers, Identity Cards, Digital Photo ID card Management Systems, Identification & Verification Systems, Loyalty Applications, and more. With our advanced technology and experienced team, we ensure that our customers receive effective and reliable solutions for all their card-printing needs. Whether it’s creating employee ID cards or loyalty cards, our high-quality and durable plastic cards are ideal for various purposes.

Card Printer Accessories

At Doneright, we offer a variety of ID card attachments such as lanyards, badge reels, holders, clips, and wristbands. Our accessories are essential for making ID cards convenient and easy to use. We provide competitive pricing and unmatched after-sales support as the leading supplier of ID card printers and accessories in Zambia. Choose from our selection of high-quality and stylish ID card accessories to suit any workplace or organization needs.

Our Store Offers

Essential Accessories for Seamless ID Card Printing

PVC Cards

Card Printer Ribbons

Card Holders

Plain PVC Card Supplier In Zambia

At our company, we specialize in providing a diverse range of blank ID cards that cater to a wide variety of customers. We are committed to offering top-quality cards at a competitive price and offer all PVC cards in different sizes and styles to meet our customers’ preferences.

Our extensive range of PVC card products and technology expertise have enabled us to become a leader in the industry. From serving commercial to consumer markets, we have established partnerships with reputed companies, driving us to new heights. As a renowned entity within the domain, we have excelled in developing plastic cards for identification and loyalty programs.

Whether you require magnetic stripe cards, composite PVC cards, white adhesive cards, or plain plastic cards, we provide expert guidance on selecting the best quality cards for your needs. Our ultimate focus is to build lifetime value relationships with our customers by enhancing their business efficiency and profitability. Choose us for all your blank ID card needs, and experience our commitment to excellence.

Access Control Systems

We tailor our access control solutions to meet your specific needs, with our team working closely with you to determine the optimal solution. We’ll identify the necessary keypads or card readers and their placement, as well as consider the permissions required for different areas of your premises. Our state-of-the-art biometric technology and locks provide high-level security and reliability for single entrances or entire buildings. Our commitment to building long-term relationships means delivering solutions that enhance your business efficiency and profitability.

Access Control Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

 ‘Leakage’ is a major problem at depots and factories, making access control solutions delivered by Blake Consultants imperative for every customer. Our Access Control Systems and Solutions are also fully integrated into existing bio-metric hardware solutions, fingerprint readers, and time and attendance systems.


Closed-circuit television

A CCTV system is a highly effective way to enhance security for both residential and commercial properties. It not only deters criminals but also provides valuable evidence to help prosecute offenders. By installing a robust CCTV system, you can demonstrate your commitment to security and have the ability to view playback remotely on your laptop or mobile device. At Doneright, we offer a comprehensive range of cameras to meet your specific requirements. Our selection includes domes, night vision, motion sensor, wireless, and C-Mount models, all designed to provide optimal security coverage.

Time Attendance Systems

Saving you time and Money

Time is a valuable asset in any business, and wasted time equates to wasted money. That’s why it’s crucial to have an efficient time and attendance system in place. With the right software and hardware, you can eliminate payment for non-work, excessive overtime, and buddy-clocking.

At Doneright we strongly recommend implementing a comprehensive time and attendance solution to streamline your business processes and maximize your return on investment. By doing so, you can ensure that your staff delivers work and efficiency at your premises while earning their wages and salaries.